I am Mike Grace, I’m a husband/father, and a site admin at a power plant. I use computers for everything I can — I’m an underacheiving gadget lover who would own every new gizmo that comes out if I only had the money. If a process can be better produced on the computer, I’ll do it that way.

I have designed and maintain two of my own websites: one is personal, and the other I use to sell a product called XanGo that I distribute. I use the Internet as my news source, to keep in contact with my friends and family, and to do research for school. And on a lighter note, I like to enter sweepstakes and contests online.

Browsing with Internet Explorer has always been extremely frustrating, especially because it has always seemed like a necessary evil. I have tried plenty of other browsers because of IE’s constant errors and shut downs. But inevitably, those browsers would either be too slow, or it wouldn’t support all sites — I even tried Avant Browser and MyIE2, but did not like either of those because of their lack of customization. No matter what I tried, I’d end up uninstalling the new browser and return to IE with my tail between my legs.

Now, I’m currently using Firefox as my browser and I love it. I made the switch just a couple of weeks ago — I really like the speed at which it loads content, tabbed browser windows, development and improvement through extensions, seamless pop-up blocking, integration with search engines, and ease of use overall. It has made my Web browsing experience even more enjoyable.