I’m a teacher originally from New York City, but I now live in England. I’ve been online almost 24/7 for a few years now, and use my computer for just about everything: correspondence, posting to my blog, reading, buying books and films, booking flights, and so on.

I’ve never cared for Microsoft products, but I’m unfortunately on a Windows machine with little choice in the matter. Using Internet Explorer wasn’t very much fun: it was a real resource hog, requiring me to use multiple windows and causing my machine to crash a lot. I was really fed up after my computer was infected with a virus that changed my homepage and logged all of my keystrokes — thankfully, a friend recommended that I switch to Firefox.

I can’t say enough good things about my new browser’s intelligent interface — and don’t get me started on tabbed browsing! Instead of opening new windows when I’m on a forum or reading a multi-page article, I open multiple tabs so that I don’t have to wait as long to read everything. When I’m doing research for posting to my site, I usually have at least seven or so tabs open at one time.

Also, Firefox is a lot more stable than Internet Explorer; I’ve been using the browser for a while now, and it’s never once crashed on me. I don’t want to think about life on IE again!