I’m a Senior Project Manager for Starwood Hotels & Resorts in Interactive Marketing, and I help to manage all of Starwood’s websites.

I use computers for a combination of business and pleasure: for email, web browsing, image manipulation, and coding. For business, I’m on the web daily given that I check our site, work with designers, developers and QA testers and other needs that our websites may have. I also maintain my own personal websites as well as browsing various other sites for recreational purposes on an hourly basis.

To be honest, nothing really frustrated me about IE. I mean, everything is optimized for it, so everything seems to work with it. But I just didn’t feel comfortable with not having any other options. When I originally started on the web, like everyone else, it was Mosaic and then Netscape. Then I migrated to IE in 2000.

I’ve been plugged into the various options out there since I began using IE, but nothing really made me fall in love. I always had Netscape loaded, and tried the various other browsers. I tried Mozilla but felt it was too clunky — similar to the recent versions of Netscape. It just didn’t gel with me. I tried SlimBrowser and AvantBrowser, and while they had some neat features, they just used the IE engine and it wasn’t enough of a difference.

Then I gave Firefox a whirl. I experienced no real stumbling blocks in switching over; I love the various plug-ins, extensions, the pop-up blocking, the flexibility in customization, as well as the tabbed browsing and groups of bookmarks. I really like how it’s fast and doesn’t seem hindered as the other non-IE browsers tend to be — Firefox is now my primary browser.