My name is Sarah, and I’m a music student in Boston. I use computers for music purposes (handling mp3s, music software), to support my photography hobby, shopping online, blogging, and for miscellaneous web surfing. My computer also helps me keep the mess off of my desk and stay organized: I use it to keep records of contacts and important documents, and to track my finances.

If I’m writing a paper, working on a project, or just looking up the hours of the fine arts museum, I’m using the web — I would be lost without it. I also use the web to store and exhibit my photos, as well as to manage my blog (not to mention to read those of my friends). The internet also serves as a means of communication; I chat with people more online through email and instant messaging than I probably do in person, and I belong to a couple online communities.

Browsing the web with IE was horrible. I wouldn’t be able to visit a website without annoying pop-up ads or spyware muddying up my computer. I don’t know what’s worse — actually getting the pop-up ads, or the fact that at least half of the them look like something authentic (e.g., a fake Google-looking search engine). In spite of a fast connection, Internet Explorer would slow down my computer so much, hindering whatever it was that I was trying to get done.

A friend actually turned me on to Firefox, and I love it. It is much more streamlined and reliable. Now, I can’t imagine functioning without a pop-up blocker, and I’m finding the fact that it keeps a history of your downloads very useful. I love the tab function as well — I can have multiple pages open in the same window, minimizing the mess on my screen. Another thing which I am enjoying is the Google/dictionary shortcut search functions in the address bar. In general, I haven’t had any problems in switching: everything works fabulously well.

My top five favorite things about Firefox?

  1. No unwanted pop-ups.
  2. No spyware.
  3. Tabs keep me organized.
  4. It’s easier to use.
  5. It streamlines web browsing.